Jan 31, 2012

Recipe: Spinach Spanakopita

Hi guys! Well, I wanted to share this really great recipe that I read in the current issue of Weight Watchers magazine. I'm not a member anymore, nor do I subscribe to the magazine, but I've bought the magazine before once a while and I'm never disappointed. 

There are ALWAYS wonderful stories of success from real people, good ideas on how to eat better and then a whole bunch of interesting recipes. I always expect the recipes to be boring and blah, but this time around I earmarked several pages of recipes to try. And this one couldn't be easier! 

It's a pie shaped spinach spanakopita, Greek inspiration! You just use frozen phyllo dough and make a mixture of thawed spinach and some feta cheese. I don't like feta so just grated down some swiss that I already had. And you could throw in other veggies as well, I would just say to chop them finely. 

Just layer out a few sheets on the bottom of a baking pie pan, spray down with cooking spray, spread the spinach mixture, and then pile on more layers of the phyllo and spray with cooking spray between sheets. And bake! I took a photo of the recipe from the magazine so you have it, hope you can read it.

And voila, the finished product. Isn't it just SO pretty! I think mine looks so much like the photos in the magazine :)  The light crispy layers of crumpled dough on top are just so lovely. And the spinach was great too. What a nice easy way to get in a good veggie and only dirty 1 cooking pot too ;-)

Please do try this, it couldn't be simpler!
Remember, we will succeed together, one day, meal and bite at a time! 

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