Apr 23, 2013

Day 1: Made It!

I had a really tough day at work today, I'm not even sure why, nothing major even happened. But I just felt like crap for some of it. I know I need to stop it and get into a happy place where I feel inspired and content.

Anyway, I did a great job today food-wise! I'm really proud of myself, I kept my calories super low and avoided temptation. I do think I need more snacks in my day somehow, but I will have to think of new ones that I like and are low calorie. I think fruit is the simplest way to go.

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Danactive strawberry yogurt drink, coffee (black!) with a pinch of sugar
Snack: 1 cup jasmine green tea
Lunch: Brought from home, whole wheat pasta and 3 chicken meatballs. Also 1 cup jasmine green tea
Snacks: 1 coffee with creamer and sugar (i had the coffee broken up into two half cups though)
Dinner: whole wheat pasta with 4 chicken meat balls. Vitamin gummies

And that's it! I was def hungry, but I had LOTS of willpower today! 1 day down, lots more to go!


Apr 21, 2013

Rebooting Everything

Hi there,

It's been well over a year since I last posted and my attention to my health has been just as haphazard as my blogging commitment. I'm not proud of that, but I've maxed out all my past "highest weight ever" numbers and feel I'm in no man's land.

You see, when you have maybe 20, 30, even 50 extra pounds to lose, you still can function normally. Your blood pressure might appear fine, and blood work come back normal. No real visible health issues, apart from not being able to wear whatever you want.

But I'm at the point now where everything hurts, my mind is foggy, walking to the mall for an hour seems like hard work and I can't tell if and when I'm hungry anymore. The inside always reflects on the outside too. Troubles in one area of life, often appear in others! And so that's where I'm at. Still resisting the fact that I moved to Seattle about a year and a half ago, still isolating myself somewhat, still ... basically still hiding from life.

ENOUGH! This weekend was a rather thoughtful for me (it's Sunday evening right now) and I'm ready to turn a new leaf. How do I know it's time? Because for my height's ideal weight, I have now reached a weight that is roughly 100 lbs in excess. Yep, that's right. THREE DIGITS of extra weight.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd get to this point. I don't really even know where the final 30 actually came from. The amount of stress in my life has certainly increased dramatically and that has a lot to do with it. But bottom line, it's time to just put together a plan to drop 100.

The larger the goal, the more proud I'll be when I get there. There is no other choice than to be positive and believe in myself. All the other times I tried to lose weight, I was motivated mainly by fear! Fear of failure, that I'll never be perfect, that no one will like me and my life will be a mess.

No more fear now. The only way to succeed in any task is to come from a place of love. So, this time my motivation is love -- I love myself, my family, my friends, my accomplishments. I love the kind and happy girl I have, and I want to be around for a very long time. I will do this because I like life, I like meeting new people and having new experiences. No more fear.

Time to reboot everything!


Jan 31, 2012

Recipe: Spinach Spanakopita

Hi guys! Well, I wanted to share this really great recipe that I read in the current issue of Weight Watchers magazine. I'm not a member anymore, nor do I subscribe to the magazine, but I've bought the magazine before once a while and I'm never disappointed. 

There are ALWAYS wonderful stories of success from real people, good ideas on how to eat better and then a whole bunch of interesting recipes. I always expect the recipes to be boring and blah, but this time around I earmarked several pages of recipes to try. And this one couldn't be easier! 

It's a pie shaped spinach spanakopita, Greek inspiration! You just use frozen phyllo dough and make a mixture of thawed spinach and some feta cheese. I don't like feta so just grated down some swiss that I already had. And you could throw in other veggies as well, I would just say to chop them finely. 

Just layer out a few sheets on the bottom of a baking pie pan, spray down with cooking spray, spread the spinach mixture, and then pile on more layers of the phyllo and spray with cooking spray between sheets. And bake! I took a photo of the recipe from the magazine so you have it, hope you can read it.

And voila, the finished product. Isn't it just SO pretty! I think mine looks so much like the photos in the magazine :)  The light crispy layers of crumpled dough on top are just so lovely. And the spinach was great too. What a nice easy way to get in a good veggie and only dirty 1 cooking pot too ;-)

Please do try this, it couldn't be simpler!
Remember, we will succeed together, one day, meal and bite at a time!