Apr 23, 2013

Day 1: Made It!

I had a really tough day at work today, I'm not even sure why, nothing major even happened. But I just felt like crap for some of it. I know I need to stop it and get into a happy place where I feel inspired and content.

Anyway, I did a great job today food-wise! I'm really proud of myself, I kept my calories super low and avoided temptation. I do think I need more snacks in my day somehow, but I will have to think of new ones that I like and are low calorie. I think fruit is the simplest way to go.

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Danactive strawberry yogurt drink, coffee (black!) with a pinch of sugar
Snack: 1 cup jasmine green tea
Lunch: Brought from home, whole wheat pasta and 3 chicken meatballs. Also 1 cup jasmine green tea
Snacks: 1 coffee with creamer and sugar (i had the coffee broken up into two half cups though)
Dinner: whole wheat pasta with 4 chicken meat balls. Vitamin gummies

And that's it! I was def hungry, but I had LOTS of willpower today! 1 day down, lots more to go!


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