Jan 22, 2012


Hey folks! I'm sitting in an airport in Denver, connecting flights to get back to Seattle from visiting family in NJ this weekend. I wanted something got to eat and I caved in and got McDonalds.

Now, I'd been really sick for the past week and not eating much, so I guessed this wouldn't kill my calories for the week. Been eating super light and healthy...

What I'm about to tell you may shock you. Or maybe not! I got a regular chicken sandwich, fries and diet coke: and I literally CANT get all this food down.

My stomach ached toward the end of the sandwich, which was ok. But the fries are just horrible. I had some, yes, but after a couple of handfuls the starch just expands inside your tummy and it's not possible to get more in.

Have a sip of soda to calm me down? Did that and this diet coke tastes like chemicals and water. Sort of like a lot of artificial sweetener and water.

My stomach is now bloated and hurting a bit, clearly angry with me for feeding it garbage. Also, and this is the scary part, for a few seconds after stopping eating, I almost felt like I couldn't breathe. As though my mouth/throat was just stuffed up. Very much how it feels when you should vomit.

I'm amazed at this experience as also scared. The starch and salt alone are very hard to push down my throat! A I actually for a moment considered going to the bathroom and force myself to throw up. Im positive I could if I tried right then. It literally made me feel sick!

So, from my next meal onwards, definitely am going back to light healthy foods that feed my brain. This is just not worth it -- and it's not a treat!

How's that for motivation?

Remember, we will succeed together, one day, meal and bite at a time!

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