Dec 3, 2011

New Town, New Me!

Ok folks! It's been a few weeks, during which, I moved to Seattle, started my new job, and this week the movers finally arrived with all my boxes and furniture. So I'm AT LAST feeling more settled into my new life here, now that my things have arrived. I was getting really tired of living on an air bed :-)

And now I have internet set up at my place, so I can post more normally now. phew!

So! Since Wednesday, I've been unpacking boxes, moving things around, so lots of activity. And my job is a 15 min walk from my apartment building, so that's 30 mins of walking daily! I've been working for 2 full weeks now, and amazingly, I can tell that the walking is getting easier! I can move faster now, so it just feels great.

I've been just OK with eating, like one day good salads, the next day a big sandwich, etc. So this weekend I want to really start and get back to my normal life, officially!

I feel like I haven't had a normal life since mid-Sept, so I'm honestly grateful for everything and counting my blessings. Did you all have a good thanksgiving? I celebrated 1 week early with my family on the East Coast and i have tons to be thankful for. A new job, a fresh start.

I'm not sure if I will continue to post on, should I? Maybe this is enough for now? I dont know...

But what I'm really excited for are some new ideas to rejuvenate my weight loss. Has anyone been following Drew Manning? He's the guy who started, and has been on many TV Shows, most notably Dr. Oz. I'd heard of him before that but wow, I love this guy and am feeling SUPER inspired by him! Let me know what you think!

Also... I just discovered this nifty gadget I want to try, it's the UP Band by Jawbone. It's a little bracelet you wear and it will connect with an app for iPhone, and it helps you track your activity throught the day, and even vibrate when you've been idle for too long (amazing!) and also your food, and sleep patterns! It's $99, but.. maybe a good investment? Maybe a good xmas present to myself!

What do you guys think? I hope you're all well and if you're in the rut, shake it of darlings! Each of us is too precious to waste any time feeling bad about anything. Every single day, meal and bite is a new start, an opportunity!!

I've been using that word at work a lot, when people tell me the challenges in our office, I say, well there's an opportunity to create a new process here. Which is great. When they say, "here's what wasnt working..." i think to myself, "oh good, here's where i can make an impact and leave my mark" ...


So let's apply this to our journey!! Good luck everyone :-)

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