Dec 17, 2011

Gained back what I lost last week!

Hi Guys,

I'm a little disappointed today as I stepped on the scale and gained 3 lbs! It's actually the same 3 lbs that I lost last week, so I'm annoyed. And yet, I know exactly how this happened.

When trying to reclaim your health, if you've been at it for as long as I have, you start to notice your own behavior patterns. Or, you will if you try to look at your actions objectively! :-)   For me, I always start off a new diet with lots of excitement and vigor, and stick to it really perfectly the first week. Right now I'm taking a break from Weight Watchers and following Drew Manning, of So I lost those 3 pounds by following his plan really strictly.

Then the 2nd week, I got more confident, and felt I could add back in a few more foods, to keep me full. Because the first week, I was truly starving most of the day. But due to confidence, I overcompensated, and of course, I gained the 2nd week. This is exactly what happened to me when I started Weight Watchers too! So now we know, this is my pattern.

How will I break this pattern? Just break it! Noticing it is the first step of course and then owning up to it. Our natural first response might be to blame other factors. Like for me this morning, my thoughts were, "well, it's Christmas time and there are too many goodies everywhere at work! So it's not my fault!" You might think and feel something similar when you gain a little.

But the important thing is to accept what happened, isolate the foods that caused the gain and any other factors (bloating, water retention, etc.) and then accept that YOU are ultimately responsible for your health.

That's all I'm going to do! I'm going to get back to following the plan more strictly and try to get up and move around a bit more too. Have a fabulous weekend! 


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