Nov 16, 2011

MAJOR UPDATE! After Almost 2 Months Off, I'm BACK!

Hi Everyone!

Back in Sept I lost my job and was very sad for a while. I had to 100% focus on my job search efforts so I stopped using WW and was not writing on here anymore. I always knew I would come back once things were ok, so here I am!

Well, I'm pleased to say, I found a job! And a good one at that, I'm leaving NY/NJ behind and moving to Seattle on Friday :-)

I've never lived on the West Coast before, but at last, a clean slate, a fresh start :)
thank you for ALL your support, especially Jazzadat, even though I was totally missing online.

During this time, since Sept 21st, I have gained a bit of weight back and am ready to start tackling it again. I'm actually heavier than I was when I FIRST started WW, in March 2011. Then I was 188.8 lbs, and now (today) I'm around 191.5 !

Am I sad/mad about it? Nope! Because it's an opportunity. To begin again, to give myself the gift of a journey toward good health. I haven't tracked anything today, in fact, I just randomly logged on here b/c I got a WW flyer in the mail and thought, oh let me look online and see how my account is doing!

I always knew I would be back on here, just was not sure when :-)
I have learned a LOT about myself in the last 2 months. I will blog about them much more! And today when I stepped on teh scale, it was a BIGGGG wake up call. Because at 191+ lbs, I'm actually in a lot of pain. I'm only 5 ft 3 tall, so my knee, ankle, lower back, all those things start to hurt after about 185 lbs.

So today was the shock b/c this morning, just when I was standing around, my back sort of sprained itself or something, and i was just frozen there. The muscle stayed tight for a few hours and it was VERY hard to move about. What a wake up call.

I now see how fragile health really is, and I'll never take it for granted again. I'm ready to RE-COMMIT to myself, my health and being a positive force in my, and other people's lives.

So! What got me through the pain of getting laid off and having to find a new job within 6 weeks? The love and support of my parents and brother, and ... Oprah's Lifeclass! hehe. Did any of you guys watch that program? It was AMAZING! I really LOVED every minute of it. Let's discuss it more later. :-)

Anyway, so welcome to any newcomers, to returning members, and even to me! A new start, a positive change, one smile at a time folks! Honestly, it feels GOOD to be back! hehehe...
Remember, we will succeed together, one day, meal and bite at a time!

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