1. Fiber Fiber Fiber -- just trust me, this works. Eat the most fibrous item in your meal first. Oatmeal, veggies, that stuff. Then eat the proteins and others.
  2. Water counts -- just sip some all day. Don't like water? Add some lemon, cucumber slices or mint leaves. The more days you drink it, the weirder diet soda will taste to you. (Trust me, after a month of zero sodas, I had one once and it tasted like Windex or something. Basically, you taste it for what it is: chemicals)
  3. Other benefits -- I've gotten ZERO blemishes/pimples since paying attention to excess salt, sugar and ESPECIALLY preservatives. Anytime I dip back into processed junk food (Doritos and stuff like that) it's basically world war 3 on my face.
  4. Support in any form will help - rally up your family, friends, whoever you trust to stand behind you and kick your butt when you want to eat something unhealthy. If you have no one around, you can email me or friend me on WW and I'll help!
  5. Think like a rabbit - eating more veggies like a bunny and having less meat seems to work well for me. Still crave protein? I found it in other sources like cottage cheese, lentils (made in various forms thanks to zillion of Indian recipes from my mom)
  6. Move a little - I didn't hit the gym once this week. But I DID go for longer walks, not even brisk, but I got out and about a tiny bit more than usual.
  7. Want it? Have it! But just a little -- I actually had 3 bites of donuts that someone brought to work this week. Each bite was about a 2 inch cube and then later that night I made sure to go for a walk to cover it.
  8. I love juices -- as in fresh ones I make with a juicer.
  9. I need breakfast -- as in never skip this! Make sure it's protein and fiber rich (a poached egg on 1 slice of whole wheat bread) as opposed to sugar and carbs (a flavored latte with a pastry/donut/bagel).
Overall? I'm excited! I think I'll do a post specifically on breakfast ideas and another about juicing soon. Got other topics you want to hear about? Please let me know! (missnutmegblog@gmail.com)

Remember, we will succeed together, one day, meal and bite at a time!