Sep 17, 2011

Recipe: Tilapia Fish with Citrus Salad

Fish, it's what's for dinner! My mom made a really nice, yet simple curried fillet of tilapia fish with a yummy citrus salad. The combination of spicy fish and refreshing organge in the salad perfectly complement one another. Mom said she watched a recipe on Giada and got inspired, I love this! 


Later, I'm going to try to create a low-cal version of apple pie, Pear Pie! Using fresh pears from out tree in the backyard. Stay tuned for that!

How to create this delicious and healthy dinner: 
  • Wash the fish pieces, we used frozen store-bought fillets
  • Season with, lemon, salt and pepper, turmeric, mustard powder, coriander leaves chopped, olive oil and garlic powder
  • Heat a little olive oil in a shallow pan, and gently cook on low heat, covered, 2 mins on each side
  • Done!
  • Chop lettuce leaves
  • Peel an orange or tangerine
  • Slice into small pieces or separate the sections (you can also use a grapefruit!)
  • Take the last slice and squeeze out the juice of it
  • Add scallions if you like
  • Season with salt, pepper, lemon, a splash of orange juice, mustard powder and ground flax seed
  • Done!

The cool part about this is, if you save a little salad and tangerine section for your last bite,  the orange beautifully sweetens your mouth, like a little dessert, but also cleanses your palette. so you don't really feel like eating anything new afterward. Neat, right?

Got other favorite fish recipes? Comment or email me at to share them!
Remember, we will succeed together, one day, meal and bite at a time!


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